The No-Bullsh*t 5-step formula to beat Procrastination that works!

If you are a student struggling hard to study or someone who is stuck inside a job trying to get that promotion or switch but not able to put the exact efforts into it. If you are surrounded by the vicious cycle of “I will do it tomorrow” and that tomorrow getting converted into one tomorrow after another, this article is for you.
Without further ado let me take you down through this 5-step formula that has the potential of transforming your lives, a step towards achieving maximum out of the 24 hours.

  1. Overcoming the mental barrier

The first and foremost step to everything I believe lies in changing the mindset.

It’s high time you leave the guilt of being a procrastinator far behind.

Many times we procrastinate because of the fear of not completing it with perfection.

Tip: Take a minute and try to identify the reason for procrastinating. Make sure to write it down on paper. More often than not it’s just a mental barrier.

Now that you are all ready, let’s move to our next step.

2. Making a TO-DO List

Make a TO-DO list where you mention exactly the kind of goals that you want to accomplish. Make sure that you are also putting a time frame next to it.

So maybe if you are a student struggling hard to beat procrastination, your To-Do list can look like this :

I recommend using Google Docs for it.

3. Using the 5-minute formula

The popular 5-minute rule says,

If you don’t want to do something, make a deal with yourself to do at least five minutes of it. After five minutes, you’ll end up doing the whole thing.”

4. Breaking the work into sessions

Now that you have started working, you are more likely to achieve your goals if you take very small breaks in between than working at a stretch.

You can use the Pomodoro Technique, which is doing the work for 20 minutes with 5 minutes in between, and then get back to it.

5. Distracting the distractions

Now that you are all into your work, there comes a notification sound and you try to ignore it but oh well your mind goes “What is the message?”, “Who messaged me?” and similar distracting thoughts. And like a normal person living in the 21st century, your hands automatically move towards ze phone.

I am sure you don’t want this. No problem, I have a solution for you, and it’s not the typical “Download this app”. Keep the phone away, when I say away I mean in some other room.

Your laziness will always overpower the distraction, YAY! Modern problems require modern solutions.

We are just a month away from the new year. Most of us started the year 2021 with the hopes of cutting down one bad habit. While it’s very human to delay things and be lazy, basically procrastinating , we can’t fail to admit the chaos it creates.

As we enter the year 2022 maybe this time instead of procrastinating we do the work on time, that is to beat this habit to some extent in the remaining time itself and get the work done.

If you read this in 2022, no worries, we have time. As long as we are working towards making ourselves better, its never too late.

Cheers! :-)



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I am an Engineering Undergrad. I like writing about things I know and may help others :-D